How Our Limo Rates Work

Affordable and Transparent Rates on Limousines

Many people might think that renting a limousine for there special event is way out of there price range. That is until they speak with our staff! We give the people of Salt Lake City the highest quality limousines at the most affordable price and this makes our competitors sweat a bit. This makes it so that we are able to conduct tons of business at a cost that you are surely able to love. We offer the best pricing in Salt Lake City, and we're able to do that by passing on our profits to our customers, each and every time. You will only pay for what you need all based on the way in which we set our pricing.

When you receive a price quote you'll see that our prices are reasonable for the Salt Lake City area. Of course if you're planning on going to one venue and staying in one place all night, you could consider our pickup and drop off service. Prices vary by the day of the week, as well as by availability and number of hours of service. Please note that prices may increase during our popular season, which fall during the spring and summer months for prom and wedding season. If you're trying to spend less, we suggest shying away from these busy dates as well as splitting up the price between all passengers.

Give us a call when you are ready to book your transportation! Our telephones are ready all day and night and we're prepared to assist you with anything you need. The only thing we need to know prior is where you plan on going, when you will need transportation, and how many passengers you will have riding with you. This makes so that your quote is explicitly tailored to your specific needs. Your quote is encompasses all and consists of our hourly rate and includes chauffeurs' gratuity, fuel dues, and other costs that may be tacked on with other luxury limousine companies. Salt Lake city Limousines likes to think that our prices are the best around and we do our best to be 100% transparent for all of our clients!

Questions We Have For You

How many people are coming?

This will allow us to find a limousine that is the correct size for you. Our limos are of all shapes and sizes and all have different features. By letting us know how many people are going to be coming with you, we can recommend properly sized vehicles.

When is your trip happening?

Let us know the day and time of your trip. Sometimes, his information can significantly alter the way we have to charge. We adjust our rates based on demand, so the higher demand wedding and prom season will be a little more expensive. As will Fridays and Saturdays.

How far away is your trip?

Trips are charged on a 6 hour minimal, within those 6 hours, you are welcome to travel wherever you want, as far as you want. As long as your pick up and drop off locations are within 50 miles of us. If further, there may be an additional fuel surcharge.

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